Day -1

There is nothing quite like leaving things to the last minute. Because of the snow we have spent our final day shopping (with unusual levels of success) and packing (it all fits in!).

Our lift to Heathrow is courtesy of “all round top geezer” Kato who will be utulising his world famous “urgent” driving skills to deliver us safely to the Airport. We take off at Noon tomorrow.

I think my lack of excitement is starting to irritate Claire now too. All blokes will agree that there is no point getting excited until the final moments before the big event arrives.


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  1. ade says:

    Best of luck mate.
    I’m not jealous at all 😉

    (hope you’ve got your jersey)

    1. Cheers! The jersey is here with me. Im hoping it will make its way into a few pictures!

  2. Karen says:

    No, I think it is a Blackburn thing. Everyone keeps asking me if I am excited yet for moving back to England, but i have too much to do to get excited yet. Me and Mum are not in agreement over what you guys got up to at the hotel all day. Mum thinks you slept, I think otherwise.

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