Vietnam through to Second Round of AFF Cup 2010

WOW! I watched a few minutes of the match on TV before we went our for something to eat but the importance of the match was lost on me. However whilst walking the streets we could hear huge cheers coming from bars and houses and then even louder cheers. Vietnam have beat Singapore to go through to the second round of the AFF Cup.
Then things went mad. The streets are currently filled with tens and possibly hundreds of thousands of people riding mopeds, waving flags and bringing the city to a standstill. The noise is incredible.


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  1. Hannah says:

    Hello chaps!

    This is amazing! I COMPLETELY forgot to call on monday to say goodbye and bon voyage! Bliming snow – it’s taken over everything!

    Hope you have a truly awesome time. From the quality of the travelogue writing so far I can see books, films, prizes…. I’ll be your agent and publicist for a 30% commission.

    Candice and I are in charge of our pre-Chrimbo drinks this year – just the two us doing it for the team!!

    Mucho Loveo

    H xxx

  2. Have a cocktail for me! Do we get a Christmas best wishes video as well as Mazzie this year?!?!?! x

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