Ho Chi Minh cont….

We’ve had a fantastic first two days in HCM. We spent most of our time just wandering around taking it all in and enjoying the buzz of the place. Crossing roads is quite an experience, as there doesn’t seem to be any organised system. You just have to go for it, try to dodge the vehicles and hope for the best. To add to the excitement mopeds are not just restricted to the correct direction of travel or even the road for that matter, some people like riding on the pavements too. I think Mark is quite enjoying the challenge, as he tells me it’s all a matter of timing!

We visited the War Museum yesterday. It was pretty harrowing learning about the Vietnam War and the effects of Agent Orange. Even 2 to 3 generations on.

We also did a tour to the Cu Chi tunnels which is a 200km long tunnel network hand built and used by the North Vietnamese fighters during the war. We crawled along one section of tunnels but declined the option of climbing into one of the tiny jungle hiding holes. I had embarrassing mental images of me getting stuck and having to be pulled or dug out. The photo shows how it is done by our very slim tour guide!

We fly to Hanoi tomorrow for the next part of the Big Adventure…..


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  1. Jo says:

    Diccon likes to ride his moped on pavements as well – he would enjoy Vietnam I think! x x

  2. Laura says:

    Hi claire, sorry I wasn’t in on your last day. I so wanted to see you before you left. Have a brillant time. I can not wait to read your updates. xxx

    1. No worries at all, I completely understand, the weather was awful that day. We’ll just have to go out for lunch in the summer sun when I get back. Thanks for my card, I loved the creativity! Cx

  3. Karen says:

    I thin you might have got one leg in there Mark, I’d hardly call that stuck, funny picture op though.

    1. I would have got in ok. Getting out would have been the problem! Thus I bottled the tunnels after the initial “starter tunnel” which was small enough. Claire crawled. I did the Asian shuffle.

  4. Jon says:

    A baseball cap?

    Shame on you

    1. I know. A hat was something I didnt buy before arriving and in the blistering 34c heat of HCM I bought the first half decent hat I could find…for about 80p!

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