It’s raining! I am trying to persuade Claire that we should visit Ho Chi Minh’s mausoleum today.

As I have now learned that some readers get an email when we update the blog I feel obliged to write a little more…

Our hotel here in Hanoi is quite nice. It is in a narrow back street with big trees growing almost in the middle of the street.

The bed is comfortable and the 4 storey climb to our room is good exercise. We got up late this morning having slept so well but the hotel still insisted on feeding us breakfast. So we have decided to stay 2 more nights here.

On Monday we are off on a 2 day tour to Ha Long Bay. Then after that we are getting the train south down the coast back towards Ho Chi Minh city.

Last night we walked for around an hour trying to decide what to eat. We settled upon more Pho…vietnamese rice noodles and meat in a soup which is tasty and fairly cheap. Two types of chilli paste is provided which can be added. We both added too much and I ended up sweating buckets.


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  1. Jon says:

    The sad geologist in me is very envious. Ha Long Bay is a place I’d love to see, it’s supposed to be amazing. Take me plenty of pics yeah!

    It’s Karst by the way. Tell you all about it sometime!

    1. It does look incredible. I’ll get you plenty of pics and I will see if I can bring you back a lump too.

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