Angkor Day 2

Our second day at Angkor begun with a 5am pick up from our guest house. One of the major attractions is to see the sunrise at Angkor Wat.

As Angkor Wat is Cambodia’s biggest tourist attraction we were to share the experience with thousands of other tourists. The sun rise was very pleasant, though not as awe inspring as we expected. We got some nice shots though.

We then moved on to view Angkor Thom, which is much larger than Angkor Wat and was in fact built later. But it was fully abandoned and thus is quite ruined, though French archaeologists are working to reinstate some of it.

Thom is a large complex within a huge outer wall. The main temple is adorned with many faces, which some believe to be a buddha face. Others think it may in fact be the face of the King who had the city built.

Though not as high as Angkor Wat this temple was nevertheless imposing.

We then moved on to various smaller temples, all of which were very quiet. Our tuk tuk driver was very knowledgeable as to which temples would be quiet at what time. Angkor Thom is the biggest temple complex yet in 2 hours we saw only six other tourists. It was fantastic!

Here are a few photos from the remainder of our day…


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