Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

After a fantastic few days on the beach we moved on to Malaysia. The journey from Ko Lanta was very easy as nearby Krabi has an Airport. So no scary bus journeys this time.

Kuala Lumpur, or KL as it is usually known is an intriguing city of mixed ethnicity. This is best reflected in the cuisine, with Chinese, Indian and fusion food available at every turn.

We only had one full day in KL so had a hectic few hours wandering between various sights. First stop was the world famous Petronas Towers, which annoyingly were closed for a refurb. Nevertheless standing at the foot of the towers is awe inspiring.

We then moved on to the second highest building in KL, the 421m high KL Tower. We paid £8 each to ride the elevator to the top to enjoy the 360 degree view.

After that we wondered to the Central Market and then the old Railway Station before returning to the shopping mall near our Hotel. Mindful of our 7am flight we grabbed some food and retired to bed early.

The Guest House we stayed at was the most backpacker oriented place we have stayed so far. It was great chatting to the other travellers. At one point an Indian Chap tried to sell me some out of date £20 notes. I declined. His mate then walked past 2 perfectly good computers and asked to borrow our laptop. I declined.

Aside from that we got some good advice for Argentina and I imparted our wisdom regarding Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam to some young Brit travellers.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Mike PRIOR says:

    Hi Claire & Mark,

    Great Blog, sounds and looks as if you are having an amazing time on your travels.

    Must dust off my rucksac!

    Bets Wishes,

    Mike PRIOR

    1. Hi Mike,
      Yes dust of that rucksack – travelling is so much fun! Must admit though I would love to have travelled at the time you did, so many places now have been taken over by mass tourism. Hoping we’ll be able to get off the tourist trail a bit in South America. Hope you not missing me too much – lot’s of food dishes from my travels to talk about when I’m back in the office!
      C x

  2. Chris S says:

    Hi Claire and Mark I did some catching up on your travels today, still looks amazing. I used to feed horses with an open hand because they do bite and who knows what an elephant will do with its nose!! I also wondered if the little picture book has been any help, I hope so. All the best.

    1. Picture book is great (thanks so much) and fits into my little handbag perfectly. Judging from our progress on the learning Spanish front it’s going to save the day in South America! Okay I know I look a bit pathetic in the elephant piccie but it was quite big and that trunk had some serious suction power…..
      C x

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