Kota Kinabalu

Our accommodation in KK was Lucy’s Homestay, a backpacking guesthouse run by a lovely Malaysian woman called (you may have guessed this…) Lucy. The accommodation was pretty basic but we felt we had struck lucky as Lucy is somewhat of a legend it seems. She has been running her homestay for 17 years and as a result has a wealth of knowledge. She is also incredibly friendly and helpful and loves a chat. And she did all our washing for us! We forgot to grab a photo of Lucy but here she is courtesy of google images…

KK seemed to be a good base to do plenty of things like climb the mountain or visit the beach. But as we will be spending a few weeks in the company of the Andes and did so many beaches in Thailand we decided to sit this one out. So we spent our 3 days wandering the streets or sat at Lucy’s reading and internetting. We also got chatting to a Canadian chap who constantly travels. His latest adventure has lasted 2 1/2 years and shows no signs of ending. He had many entertaining tales. During our stay he decided to go to the Philippines to surf.

It rained every day for a couple of hours at least, which put paid to some of our plans but we did get to the Filipino Night Market on our final night. This was absolutely brilliant despite the rain. We went for food and the choice was vast. We opted for a Snapper, 15 prawns, 2 skewers of “Chicken Meat” and 1 skewer of “Chicken Arse”. The arse was predictably unpleasant. We then had various cakes for dessert. We couldn’t identify what some of these were so we took our chances and they were great.

Our stroll round the market reminded me that I don’t seem to be suited to these Asian markets. I’m just too tall. They have plastic sheets for roofs and the ropes to tie them together are at throat height. The Filipino market added a new hazard in the form of electrical extension cables in puddles. That said the markets are always good fun though and totally unlike anything in the UK.

We also managed to get to the to see Tron Legacy which was surprisingly good. The film wasn’t dubbed and it had no Malayasian subtitles which seemed unfair on the locals. I also had a dodgy haircut – clippers number 3 isn’t a worldwide standard it seems! Claire is wisely waiting until New Zealand to get hers done.

I also discovered this. Any guesses to what it is?

Overall we really enjoyed our time in KK despite doing so little. It was nice to relax and chat to fellow travellers. Malaysia has been a great experience.

Next stop is Singapore for a couple of days before we draw a close to our South East Asia adventure and head for New Zealand.

7 Comments Add yours

  1. Jo Gibbins says:

    Urinal? Shower? indoor garden? um………spa? body dryer?….give up, what is it?

  2. Jo Gibbins says:

    …..oh…or an indoor greenhouse?

    1. Well done you guessed it – urinals!

  3. Dartford dave says:

    You went to the cinema?? On holiday???? Who does that! Ha ha.

    When you get to new Zealand, if your in Christchurch get to Indochine. One of the best restaurants on the planet my good man! Seriously, they knocked me up the finest filet steak I have ever had the pleasure to chow down on. Loooooovely. Keep up the great blogggggging

    1. I refuse to take Steak advice from a man who didn’t eat his first steak until he was 30. 🙂
      A cinema visit vital to immerse ourselves in the cultures and practices of the locals.

  4. Dartford dave says:

    Now now let’s not exaggerate, I was at least 29 when I had my first steak!

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