Brisbane, Australia

Yes we (that’s me and me Sheila) did indeed pay a visit to our old penal colony. Sady it was just a flying visit. We had a quick look around the area we stayed in but sadly the shops were all closed. Only the dunnies were open.

I did however go walkabout and got rescued by a life guard in a silly hat…

Our accommodation wasn’t too great. The beds were more like small sofas and the lights were never turned out. So we had to rack off around the back of a coffee shop and sleep on their seating instead.

All in all the International Terminal at Brisbane Airport was not the most fair dincom experience of our trip. But for wasting 6 hours before our next flight to Auckland it was probably better than some of the other airports we have visited.


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  1. Dartford dave says:

    Good choice not staying for long! Oz sucks. Completely the arse end of the planet. You will love NZ. Which is just quite simply a fantastic country. Enjoy

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