Web Access (and Food) in New Zealand

Don’t worry. We haven’t checked into a hippy retreat. It’s just that getting decent web access here in New Zealand isn’t easy. Most hostels charge quite a high amount for a small amount of data so we can’t upload any pics. Some just have a PC in the corner which you have to pump coins into! Luckily though we have just checked into a hostel in Greymouth with free unlimited web access so updates for the past few days will be along later. After we’ve been to the cinema that is…it’s raining you see…a lot.

While Claire is making lunch though I will chat a little about the food here in New Zealand. The national dish seems to be sushi. I tried it on the ferry and it was ok.

But what is really impressive is the roadside cafes. Whilst a roadside cafe in the UK is aimed at your typical HGV driver, here they offer very good food and a varied selection of it.

My particular favourite has been Corn Stacks. Corn Fritters stacked with crispy bacon and drizzled with sweet chilli sauce and sour cream. Splendid!

The cafes all cater for people with Wheat and Gluten allergies too so I am in my element.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kevin Barton says:

    Beautiful photo’s and commentary. I’m very envious of you both. Here it’s dull and raining today, so your adventures are even more appealing. Stay safe you two, and have lots of fun. Kev x

  2. Gordon says:

    I have been reading your adventures and i thought it was time i left a comment for you. It looks and sounds like that you are having a great time. Keep your blogs going and keep making me jealous.

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