Rotorua, New Zealand

Sorry everyone, we’ve been having such a great time in New Zealand (this country is fantastic!) that we’ve fallen behind on our blogging. Plus internet access has been erratic.

We ended up only spending one day in whiffy Rotorua. As Dartford Dave correctly stated it stinks of rotten eggs, caused from the sulphorous gas from all the geothermal activity. The town itself is nice enough and there’s plenty to do in the surrounding area, especially for the adrenaline junkies out there. But we’ve already been mad enough once in our lives to jump out of a plane at 12,000ft and there were aspects of Rotorua that were just a teeny weeny bit too touristy. Plus our hostel wasn’t as good as others we’ve stayed in and felt very studenty, summed up by a young English guy who we discovered stood over the rubbish bin picking mould from his last 2 slices of bread. We came to his rescue by offering him some chips for his dinner!

That said, we had a nice time visiting a Mauri village where they cooked their food in volcanic steam vents and bathed in hot springs.

(Whakarewarewa Thermal Village)

We then headed over to the beautiful Redwood Forest for a walk. The forest is great for mountain biking and Mark was very tempted, but decided to save his riding for when we meet up with Nick in Queenstown. With trail names like “Frontal Lobotomy” Nurse Claire was a little relieved…

(view from the Redwood Forest)


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