Franz Josef and Fox Glaciers

The weather had deteriorated thus reducing our desire to camp so we ended up staying at a hostel in Franz Josef, the location of one of the two glaciers which attract tourists on the west coast. All was not lost though as we roomed with Everett, the Canadian Backpacking Grandfather. We had the usual sharing of stories and wisdom…he won convincingly. And he didn’t snore!

Both Glaciers are fairly similar and are approached by way of a short technical stroll. The Fox Glacier walk involved two lots of stepping stones so I videod Claire crossing them. Sadly she made it across without taking a dip so no entertaining video is available….yet.
Still a long way from the Franz Josef Glacier

The two most striking things about the Glaciers are their colour, which is rather blue, and their immense size. The size of them is in fact hard to guage. As we approached we felt we were getting close only to then spot tiny people at the terminus of the glacier. And again when we reached the viewing area we spotted people walking up on the glacier which again gave perspective.

Franz Josef again with the meltwater river beneath. There are people on the Glacier but they are so small you cant see them.

Fox Glacier

We also visited the visitor centre (as you do) where we viewed pictures of the Glaciers as far back as the 19th century.

It is hard to describe bloody great lumps of ice and make it interesting. So here is some pictures…The New Zealand cure for baldness

To give you some idea of scale I can advise that this Glacier is huge.

Guess how cold it was?


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  1. Chris S says:

    I’ve had nothing to do lunchtimes so good to see you back on line and well – I note from photo that Claire is now wary of crossing streams!

  2. Kato says:

    I like the moraine

  3. Dartford dave says:

    Your blogs are like buses. I’ve waited days for one and then three turn up!

    1. 2 more winging their way to you sir !

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