Buenos Aires

New Zealand was fantastic but during our time there we came to realise that we missed the confusion that the randomness of South East Asia provided and were both looking forward to the challenges of travelling in South America (not to mention the cheapness). After arriving in Buenos Aires, we checked into our hostel in San Telmo and wasted no time in finding ourselves a nice little restaurant and tucked into the best steaks we’ve ever had. Delicioso! Esplendido! Fantastico! Mark was in food heaven. After dinner we headed to the Plaza and watched couples, young and old, tango the night away.


The next day we went exploring and found ourselves at one of the city’s tourist attractions, which is strangely a cemetary. Or Cementerio de la Recoleta to be precise, where narrow ‘streets’ are lined with crypts containing the remains of the city’s rich and famous. Some of the crypts were unloved, derelict and covered in cobwebs. Others were really quite grand and and some adourned with flowers like Eva Peron’s grave where Argentinians were queing for a photo opportunity. It was an interesting place to go and I’m glad we went, but I’m not sure it’s somewhere I’d want to be in the middle of the night on my own!

I hadn’t realised there would be such a big Italian influence on the food here. I’ve already been berated by my friend Hannah for eating ravioli, but pasta is on all the menus and it’s so tasty. Argentinians are also passionate about their ice cream and you can’t walk far without seeing an ice cream parlour. We’ve also discovered Dulce de Leche, a thick milky caramel spread, which Argentinians put on pretty much everything they can. Yummy. Can someone please just book me into Weightwatchers now for June?

Our first impressions of Buenos Aires is that it’s a huge, vibrant city with great restaurants, buzzing nightlife and some beautiful old buildings. Oh and did we mention the steaks? They’re to die for! We’ve felt pretty safe here too. Our hostel was great in telling us the areas to avoid and we’ve been extra security conscious with our belongings. To be honest the worst things about Buenos Aires is having to constantly watch where you step, as there’s so much dog poo on the pavements. But the people here have been so friendly and patient with our limited Spanish, so we’ll forgive them for letting their dogs poo everywhere (until we tread in some!).

Our next destination is Uruguay for a few days, but we’re back in Buenos Aires at the weekend and looking forward to doing more exploring.


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  1. Chris S says:

    I have always wanted to go to Buenos Aires and you initial visit has reinforced that. Also back in the early 80s I went to the Canary Islands before it became completely wrecked by tourism, they imported most of their meat from Argentina, the steaks were amazing and cheap and guess what else….. Dulce de Leche, bit like condensed milk but more caramelly delicious. SA sounds great so far.

    1. We had Argentinian steak too when we went to Gran Canaria a few years back, it was great but not as cheap as when you went! I know it’s hypocritical for me to say this being a tourist myself, but it’s so sad the way tourism can ruin a place. I couldn’t believed what has happened to the Thai islands in the 10 years since I last visited. I’m really looking forward to Bolivia, as although it’s firmly on the backpacker trail now I can’t imagine it’s overly touristy….yet. We’ve met a few travellers who have raved about how nice Columbia is and how friendly the people are. We really fancy going there, but we’ve 99% ruled it out because of lack of time.

  2. Shikha (whywasteannualleave) says:

    I just went to Argentina for the first time this year and absolutely loved the buzz there! The ice cream, I agree, is just delicious and I made sure a day didn’t go by without having one! 😀

    1. Yeah it’s a great country. I really hope we can get back there one day… If only for the ice cream and steaks! 🙂

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