Colonia del Sacramento

When I first planned the South America leg of our trip, Uruguay seemed a good place to visit due to its’ proximity to Buenos Aires. But as I realised that 3 months was not enough for even a small part of South America I culled destinations and Uruguay was one of the first to go. But having arrived in BA it suddenly seemed foolish to miss out on a country we will most likely never have the chance to visit again. So we spent 2 hours on the internet buying our ferry tickets. Claire played keyboard whilst I worked magic with a Spanish – English dictionary.

Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay, or Colonia as it is known, is a Unesco World Heritage site on the estuary of the River Plate, which separates Argentina and Uruguay. We stepped off the ferry at Colonia after in the morning after setting off just after 5am. As we are still recovering from the jet lag this was no easy thing, but immediately the feel of Colonia washed over us, with its old buildings, cobbled streets and classic cars.

Our hostel was nothing more than a random pick from a website but turned out to be a good find. We dropped our bags off there and went to explore. Once more the pictures say more than we ever could.

Later that afternoon we found a nice bar which had strewn its tables and chairs in the cobbled street. We spent a long while slowly drinking a bottle of Uruguayan wine followed by an amusing 10 minute debate over the bill. This was the first incident to strengthen my desire to learn more Spanish.

Day time drinking has never been my strong point (nor has drinking in fact) and we were still tired from the travelling, so we returned to the hostel for a snooze. The hostel staff told us of their “eat all you can meatathon” later in the evening and we took around 3 seconds to decide that the £6 they were asking was good value. I then retired to my bunk and slept for an hour.

When we woke up we were both famished. We showered and prepared for our evening and to add to our hunger we had to walk past this…

As is traditional at hostels we invited ourselves to sit with the most interesting looking people (some people are lucky as the most interesting people just come and sit with them!) and began the usual opening lines. Where have you been? How long for? Where do you come from and so on. The three guys we picked on were English Uni friends on a 2 week holiday in Uruguay. Their stories were very entertaining.

Our evening was to include some Uruguayan live music. And Chorizo and tough Steak.

When the food was served we found ourselves seated with the three English guys again and they continued to entertain, especially the Brummie who sounded like Frank Skinner. And was nearly as funny as him. We also chatted to two Irish girls who it turned our had been on our flight from New Zealand so we shared some New Zealand stories. After a thoroughly enjoyable couple of hours we retired to our bunks and quietly made lots of noise and woke our room mates up.


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