Iguazu Falls

Our hostel in Iguazu was about as far removed from our ideal hostel as you could find. It was recommended to us by the Frank Skinner-a-like we met in Uruguay and for some reason, despite our misgivings we booked it.

It was more like an 18-30 holiday complex than a hostel, with a huge pool and pool side bar. As we arrived we witnessed topless pool volleyball and a cursory glance at the clientele suggested we may be the oldest guests (ever).

This wasn’t the case in fact. A much older couple wandered around looking dazed and we felt a little better.

At one point we braved a pool side visit but as I lay on the grass in my Speedos (shorts) I pondered whether the drunk people in the pool would really climb out and make the journey to the toilet when they needed a pee.  We returned to our room briskly.

After dinner in town we retired to bed early so as to be ready for our day at the falls. This plan failed however as some of our room mates were there to party.

I think we have said before that at times some of the Brits we meet are almost embarrassing. We were sharing our room with a Swedish girl, a Danish girl, an extremely posh English girl and her English male friend.

Posh girl was very friendly but clearly  only backpacking as some sort of social experiment to see how common folk live. She told us all about her travels in South America though she couldn’t help but come across as some sort of superior Victorian “adventurer”. Just as her stories started to get boring her posh friend arrived in our room.

After five minutes discussing how Posh Girl 1 had bought something from River Island which was “actually quite good” Posh Girl 2 revealed loudly to the room that her pregnancy test had come back negative. I congratulated her enthusiastically.

After 30 minutes posh chat they all went to the bar. I slept like a log but Claire tells me they came to bed at 6am, breaking the toilet in the process.

The next morning we made our way to town to buy our bus ticket to Resistencia for the next day, before catching the local bus to the falls.

We had seen pictures of Iguazu Falls but neither of us were prepared for them. They are simply incredible. An awesome display of the power of nature on a massive scale. 275 falls plummet from heights of between 60 and 82 metres. 1742 cubic metres of water fall every second.

Once more pictures and videos say much more than we ever could. Enjoy…

(the top of Devils Throat, the highest drop)

(the power of the Devil’s Throat causes a mist that soaks visitors)

We also arranged to go on a short speed boat tour on the river to get closer to some of the falls. It was far too wet for photos. They took us under the falls and we honestly would have been drier had we just jumped in the river. We both laughed the whole way through it as it was so stupid. I must have had my eyes shut 90% of the time but when I was able to see the power of the falls at close quarters it was frightening! Money well spent. We haven’t laughed so much for a while.

(Claire preparing herself for the water spray)

(soaked from the hilarious boat ride)


That night we again headed into town for dinner. As we strolled the streets Claire came across an Irish woman whilst I was in a shop. She had left her hotel to go to the supermarket and got lost and by the time Claire came across her she was quite upset. Claire came and got me and we offered to help. She refused our help but we could see that she was just being proud so we insisted.

We ended up having a nice chat to her and after 20 minutes or so we helped her get her bearings and found her hostel. Over the previous weeks we have experienced how daunting it is to travel in a country without being able to communicate and there was no way we were going to leave her to wander aimlessly. She gave Claire a big hug to say thanks.

We went to a traditional Parrilla (BBQ) restaurant and ordered the full selection. As we ate we discussed how the Iguazu Falls compared to the other amazing natural wonders we have seen…Halong Bay, Milford Sound etc. We both pretty much concluded that for sheer wow factor Iguazu wins. A truly incredible day.

(Beef steak, beef ribs, chorizo, black pudding and triple-cooked chicken)

The next day we had to get to the bus station to depart for Resistencia, a 10 hour ride. We were up early and left Iguazu still overawed by the falls.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Dartford dave says:

    Finally you guys are getting suntans!!!!

    The falls look awesome.

    Not sure about all that meat in the picture, after seeing that im considering being a veggie.

    1. I suspect you would die if you were a veggie. Though it is fair to say that presentation isnt high on the Argentinian Parilla list of priorities. Tastes great though!

  2. Jo Eastham says:

    Wow that looks amazing! You both look so happy, although that meat feast looks a bit rank – are you sure it’s what they said it was and not dog or something rank?!

    It is gorgeous and sunny here, been lovely for a few days. Wish I was having your adventures though.

    Lots of love x x x

    1. The meat tasted better than it looked…..honest! We were embracing the culture and eating how the locals eat. Mark tried to order llama casserole at the last town we were in, but they had sold out. Missing you lots x

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