A Quick Update (again)

Hola! Since Mancora we have been to look at a rather impressive pre-inca fortress, endured a few scary bus journeys and we are now lounging at a beach resort on the Pacific coast for our last few days in Peru. If we can tear ourselves away from the pool and sunbathing we will get an update typed and posted in the next few hours.

But for now I need to go and have my daily raw fish (Ceviche – its really rather good!) and ice cream.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Jo Gibbins says:

    sounds tough!!

  2. Mike PRIOR says:

    Hi Claire & Mark……..your blog is just amazing…..your journey and experiences somthing to treasure.

    1. Hi Mike. So glad you have been enjoying the blog. I really can’t take much credit though, as Mark’s done nearly all of it. We’ve had such a brilliant time on our travels and was just going through our hundreds of photos earlier and saying we can’t believe how much we’ve done. It’s an amazing world! Look forward to seeing you soon x

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