Clandestine Musings from Bangkok (sshhh Claire is asleep)

A quick update for visitors who don’t know us in the real world. Since getting home in June 2011 we have returned to our jobs, got married and we are now on our honeymoon. All mixed in with 9 months of seriously missing the travelling life.

Claire doesn’t even know that our blog is back up and running as she banned me from posting on it during our honeymoon. But she also banned Best Man Dave from telling the nappy story during his speech, and as he made that the centre piece of his speech and got away with it I thought I would give this a crack.

It has taken us absolutely no time to get back into the swing of things and it now feels like the big trip continues. In fact I dressed in my backpacking clothes for the flight which scuppered Claire’s attempt at dressing well to get a free upgrade. She always asks bless her.

The flight was fine. We arrived at Heathrow 1hr and 50 minutes before take off. None of the “3 hours before” for us. Then we strolled through the checking in and security checks at almost backwards pace. I used to find airports stressfull! We flew with Taiwan Airline Eva Airways. Excellent landing and typically crap food. Nothing like some of the comedy flights we had last year.

Weirdly the films were all edited…by a chimp. Any time somebody was about to plunge a knife into somebody else, or a character was about to reveal some flesh the film jumped forward to some later point. Very confusing. Well it was for “Immortals”. “J.Edgar” has no violence or nooky.

Our hotel in Bangkok is the Lebua at State Tower, which was used in the film The Hangover 2. It is stunning. Our suite, which was upgraded free, is immense. More than 3 times the size of our flat back at home.

Last night we frequented the Sky Bar and then a stupidly expensive hotel restaurant. Which was fantastic but it felt all wrong. So today we had lunch near the Khao San Road, the famous backpacker street as seen in The Beach. My first genuine Pad Thai for about £1.50,  lovely.

It took less than a day to see some motorbike insanity too!

Tonight we are continuing our swift descent back into backpacker world by hunting down what is supposed to be the best food court in Bangkok. I miss international food courts. We found them all over South East Asia last time as well as New Zealand and in Buenos Aires. Cheap, delicious and authentic, Mmmm.

Another strange thing is happening. My limited Spanish is returning. Useless here of course but good nonetheless. It’s a shame it didn’t happen in time for the wedding as we had a guest who only Habla Espanol! I must sound weird as I speak a mix of English and crap Spanish.

I am typing in silence, which isn’t easy. Claire is asleep in the next room and I am determined that she won’t discover my antics. In the meantime you will have to endure my typos and vague attention to facts. She was and is an excellent editor. This is the view if I gaze over the top of the netbook…

Being here has already get me longing for Cambodia. We were worried it would be too hot this time of year but we just spent a few hours in 35c Bangkok so maybe that isn’t a problem after all. We have flights booked as far as Kuala Lumpur in 4 days time. So maybe we will return northwards early and seek out temples and fish amok.

Anyway, I must wake Claire up and go use the amazing looking pool. Will sling something else up on here after we leave Khao Sok National Park.

If you read this stick a comment up to so I know who my audience is. And if anybody has some good photos from the wedding can you email them to me?


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Andy says:

    I’ve missed your musings from backpacker land, I am definitely listening, or reading, if you want to be pedantic 😉 I want to go back to Bankok, its totally mad but I love it! Why has Claire banned you from Blogging?

  2. Hello mate. Because its our honeymoon apparently. So I am limiting what I am including to just what dribbles from my mind mainly. Bangkok is great. I was ill when we were here in December 2010. We leave tomorrow morning so I still cant claim to have seen it all but I love the energy and the people and the food. Right, off to swim…

  3. Kato says:

    Well I’m reading! Got no wedding photos for you but all six suits were returned intact!

  4. Cheers mate. Thanks for that and for everything else you did.

  5. Jo Gibbins says:

    Yea – great to hear from you and there is an internet room at Tree Tops (saved teenage daughter from facebook withdrawal!) Not at the raft house though – hope you love it as much as we did x Jo

  6. Hi Jo. We cant wait! We fly to Surat Thani in a couple of hours. I feel remarkably good considering its 4.30am and I barely slept. We are going to the raft house first.

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