Update from Malaysia

After a hectic 4 days we have arrived in Kuala Lumpur. The hecticness continues though as tomorrow we have to get up early to fly north…our 4th flight in a week..

I feel sorry for Kuala Lumpur as we are again just passing through. Last time we had one day here and this time less than 24 hours. We do however pass through again in a few days but this will be even more brief.

Our plan for our honeymoon is now almost complete. After 4 days on some amazing Malaysian Islands we are off to Cambodia which I am so excited about. After that the plan gets a little vague but we think we will head back to Bangkok via Thailand’s most northerly coastline and an island or two.

Not much else to report. I do seem to have broken a finger though. My ring finger in fact so it’s a stroke of luck we left the rings at home. It happened as I let go of a rope swing in order to plunge 15ft into a lake. As you do. I am scared of heights and whilst my more brave right hand let go perfectly my more feeble left clung on a bit too long. The finger looks a tad knackered but as I don’t have time for an operation (the usual outcome of a visit to a doctor for me) I’m going to splint it and carry on regardless.

Gotta go. Claire has just finished her quick 15 minute shower.

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