Perhentian Islands, Malaysia

First things first. I’ve been rumbled. I left the blog open on the laptop by mistake. My wedding speech mentioned Claire’s inability to keep a straight face when she is angry with me…but she tried hard nonetheless.

So you can now expect to see far less typos and a more modest representation of facts.

We took ages to decide where to spend our honeymoon. The destination changed over and over again. Even after we had booked our flights to Bangkok in fact, due to Air Asia’s wonderful selection of cheap local flights. Our beach destination was the hardest to settle upon and it was only once we were on the move that we decided upon Malaysia’s Perhentian Islands.

Getting there from Thailand involved a flight down to Kuala Lumpur and then another to Khota Bharu. From there we took a taxi journey south for an hour and then another hour on a boat. But it was worth it right from the moment we arrived.

The Perhentians are two small hilly jungle islands with some amazing beaches of white sand and crystal clear blue waters. They are famous for their snorkelling and scuba diving opportunities as well as excellent seafood. The only way to get about the islands is by water taxi or on foot through jungle.

We chose a small resort on the bigger of the two islands. The smaller island is more of a backpacker destination and we wanted to be more classy as it is our honeymoon. Tuna Bay Resort stuck us in a lovely beach hut facing the hillside. It had aircon so I was happy. The heat in the Perhentians was well above 30c the whole time we were there. I can cope in the heat now what with all the practice but things go badly wrong for me if I eat anything spicy. Which I did. The result is an onslaught of sweat like no other.

We spent four nights there and our 3 whole days involved lots of sunbathing, snorkelling, eating and drinking blended ice drinks. The seafood was indeed excellent, the highlights being the barbecued tuna, squid and barramundi. Delicious!

Yesterday, our last full day, we took a taxi boat over to the other island. We saw plenty of beards, dreadlocks, tattoos, vest tops and people who looked like they needed a wash. It also confirmed to us that we had chosen the correct island.

Snorkelling in the Perhentians was excellent. We took a 2 hour snorkelling boat trip (where we saw a huge turtle) and also walked and taxi’d to two other beaches, but in the end the finest snorkelling we found was right off shore of our resort. The coral was flourishing and teaming with fish. We saw many Nemo fish, a swordfish and even a stingray amongst many other colourful fish. On our first full day local kids through bread at my head so the fish swarmed all around me. And on another day a small black fish attacked me. It drew blood!

Leaving such a wonderful place was hard, but less so because we are now off to Cambodia. We both had regrets that we did not spend enough time in Cambodia last time. It is such an amazing country and the people are so much more friendly than they should be given what they have endured in recent history. We are meeting up with our tuk tuk driver friend Davong again and are going to head further afield to visit two particular temples that sound incredible.

After that the plan is still evolving. We will probably travel overland back to Bangkok along Thailand’s east coast. Or possibly not. Who knows.

Must go to sleep now as we need to be up at 4.30am to catch our flight. Our 6th flight since 18 March!

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  1. Dagenham Dave says:

    You guys must be the first newlyweds in history to spend your entire honeymoon accumulating airmiles and touring every airport in Asia!

    1. We wouldn’t have it any other way my good man! It feels like months have passed since the wedding and we are having an incredible time. So glad we came back to Cambodia. It is a wonderful country. You would hate it though 😉

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