And They’re Off – Istanbul

Like a phoenix from the flames this old blog is being resurrected once more. We are off on another adventure and this time the destinations are a little unusual. Well that’s not strictly true. The destinations are pretty mainstream, but I doubt anybody has combined Turkey and South Korea into their summer holiday before.

We landed in Istanbul earlier today and in true ClaireandMarkGoTravelling style we decided to make our way from the airport in the cheapest and most exhausting fashion. A good two hours on the metro and tram systems here during what seemed to be rush hour was an experience. I was reminded once again that train operators in hot countries really should place their “hold on for dear life” handles low down rather than up in the air. A hundred or so exposed armpits created quite an impressive whiff.

Though we have only been here for four hours we have already managed to eat a meal that looked bloody awful – regular readers may recall that we have an uncanny ability to seek out ugly but delicious foods. The location right on the river front was amazing but sadly tonight’s meal was also rather lacking in taste. So things can only get better. We made up for it with some baklava though.


Tomorrow we will be exploring Istanbul. It is clearly not something that takes only one day but we will give it our best shot. After that we fly east and then south to the coast before heading even further east to South Korea.


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