On 6 December 2010 we embarked on a life changing journey around the world which took us through 14 wonderful countries.  As our journey progressed our blog evolved from a way to keep friends and family back home up to date with our movements, to become our own travel diary. From there it developed into what we hope is a useful resource for other travellers.

Since returning from our adventure we have returned to “normal life”. But we have managed to escape now and then and find plenty of good reasons to add to the blog.

We love travelling so if you have a question drop us a line, or if you have your own travel blog don’t hesitate to get in touch to make us jealous!

Some of our favourite stories

Stranded in Bolivia

They drive like lunatics in Morocco

Where it all started (once I got the hang of blogging)

Mark’s favourite place in the world


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  1. lisa richardson says:

    Hi, I am so jealous, sounds like you are having a fab time & Your journey down halong bay brought back some lovely memories. I love s e asia because altho it is becoming more westernised there is still a great deal of culture and differences to embrace. Fantastic! What a trip!! Merry xmas!

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